Alcohol and Drugs Policy

Alcohol and Drugs Policy

Knotweed Solutions Limited condone the use of alcohol or drugs by its employees which effects or may effect their ability to carry out their duties properly. It is a requirement of the company that no employee shall:

  • Report for duty whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Be in possession of drugs of whilst on duty
  • Consume alcohol or drugs whilst on duty

Any employee in breach of the above will be liable to disciplinary action, which may result in their dismissal.

Knotweed Solutions Limited will offer assistance in rehabilitation to all employees who seek help at the earliest opportunity, subsequent discovery through screening or as an act of misconduct will result in disciplinary procedure.

Employees who are required to take prescribed medication, which may affect their work duties are required to notify their line manager.

Any employee found working under the influence of alcohol & drugs are disregarding the Knotweed Solutions Limited policy and could be held personally responsible in law and may be subject to company disciplinary proceedings, which could result in dismissal.

Knotweed Solutions Limited will take all reasonable steps to ensure that all employees are made aware of the contents of this policy together with the relevant sections of the Transport & Works Act 1992 and implications therein.