Bamboo Treatment & Control

Bamboos are usually desirable and valuable ornamental plants. However, if not kept under control some Bamboos such as ‘running Bamboo’ can become invasive and spread beyond their bounds causing damage to property and disputes with neighbours.

There are two sorts of Bamboo, Running & Clumping.

Running Bamboo

These are highly invasive Bamboos and quickly spreads by developing underground rhizomes which extend and spread out from the initial plant. Shoots will pop up throughout your garden as shown in the picture here.

Clumping Bamboo

Generally clumping Bamboo is easier to manage as it is more confined to one area. However, if not managed it can also spread out of control.

Why Is Bamboo A Problem?

  •  Bamboo shoots may pop up anywhere in the garden: neighbouring land or even through solid barriers, such as patios and conservatory floors. Most weed-suppressant groundcover fabrics will not stop bamboo spreading
  • The problem tends to be with the invasive types of bamboo. These bamboos spread via long
  • The clump forming Bamboos can also grow out of control, but do not tend to spread as much as the running Bamboos

How Does Bamboo Spread?

Bamboo spreads via Rhizomes which are creeping swollen root-like underground stems. These can grow very quickly under the right conditions, creating new shoots many metres away from the parent plant. Fortunately, most bamboo rhizomes tend to sit in the top 20 cm of topsoil, reducing the effort it takes to get at the bulk of the migrating shoots.

Legal Implications of Planting Bamboo?

As Bamboo is not listed as an invasive species under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, you are free to plant it as you wish. However, you should plant bamboo with caution, using a root barrier, or placing it in a pot.

In recent years, encroachment cases of plants coming over boundary lines have increased in small claims courts. Therefore, whilst you can plant Bamboo, it’s best to consider how you plant it to ensure you don’t end up with a boundary dispute.

Our Approach to Controlling Bamboo

Knotweed Solutions Limited offer a chargeable survey to identify the Bamboo and create a bespoke treatment plan.

These treatment plans may include.

  • Removal. Excavating the Rhizome from the ground
  • Herbicide Treatment. By applying a controlled amount of Herbicide directly into the Bamboo. The Bamboo is cut at low level and a herbicide applied directly into the Culm of the stem.
  • Knapsack sprayer method. This involves the foliar application of a specified quantity of herbicide to the plant.

Please contact Knotweed Solutions Limited if you have any questions surrounding Bamboo treatment or wish to arrange a survey.